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“We want to be part of the American success story, not its dishwasher” - The Trump Era Ends

“We want to be part of the American success story, not its dishwasher” - The Trump Era Ends

As the dawn of the Biden administration begins, replacing the Trump administration, the latter is being remembered as an era of dark and cruel of American diplomacy. Invisible among the legacy of the 45th president to Ethiopians are, deportations with no due process, incarnations and family separation – dreams interrupted for many.  

“I was an 18-year-old two years ago, (foolish of me) when I was charged stealing a bottle of beer at a corner store and I was jailed and before my appearance before a judge, I was put in a plane and deported to Ethiopia. A country I left as a youngster at the age of four, is now my home”, a now 21-year-old, Kibrom Tadesse told Detail Ethiopia from Addis Ababa where he is now based and staying with an aunt.  

“I was kept in the darkness for months and was not able to communicate with my family members in the US”, he added.

Since Trump came to power in 2016, the North American nation known for its liberal policy towards immigrants and refugees under both Democratic and Republican administrations have seen continued blind cruelty towards foreigners – this in a nation of immigrants – and towards policy of protections society that mirrors growing European nations who have embraced right leaning policies.

The Biden administration is promising to help so -called illegal immigrants’ transition to legal status. This is welcome news to Helen (who asked her name to be withheld), who is a graduate of Howard University in Washington DC.

“I came to the United States for vacation and decided to stay here. I paid my taxes, worked hard, went to school, graduated on top of my class and I assumed I would be rewarded with a legal status to stay here. But since Trump became the president, rather accidently, I have been in hiding, quit my professional employment and I have been forced to work ‘under the table’ with no rights, paid little and dead-end jobs. This is not what I anticipated as a young, educated person who is in a position to contribute to the American society”.

She hopes the Biden administration will be different.

“I saw my friends prosper, only because they were so-called legal. I worked hard and I was an excellent student. The last four years was a dark era and I hope the light will also shine on us. We want to be part of the American success story, not its dishwasher at the back of its store”, she added.