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Twitter to open an Office in Ghana, Looks to Ethiopia for its Regional Hub

Twitter to open an Office in Ghana, Looks to Ethiopia for its Regional Hub

Twitter has announced the opening of its first African headquarters and is looking at Addis Ababa as a possible destination for its regional office. This comes after a visit by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter in 2019 starting rumors that Twitter is looking at flying its flag within the continent.

“Africa will define the future”, he tweeted as he made a visit to both Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana in 2019.

While in Ethiopia, Jack met with Betelhem Dessie of iCog and venture capitalist Kassy Kebede, who has invested 100 million USD in local ventures, including in textile in partnership with Open Society founder, billionaire George Soros’s - The Soros Economic Development Fund - which the latter has invested 10 million USD. The 44-year-old, Jack is worth 14 billion USD and he visited Ethiopia the same year as Alibaba's founder Jack Ma and the year was capped with Abiy Ahmed winning the Nobel Peace Prize and the nation was noted by UNESCO for having no journalists imprisoned, giving the nation a positive buzz.

According to Twitter, the West African nation of Ghana was chosen for its embrace of “free speech and online freedoms”, whereas Ethiopia is beginning to face daunting challenges in lack of freedom of speech and conflicts. 

While in Ethiopia, the American announced to live in one of the African nations he visited for about six month but the plan has since been scrapped. 

Ethiopia continues to be of interest to both Facebook and Twitter targeting the local population that is one of the youngest in the world.  Facebook has so far partnered with local agencies on a strategy to identify “fake news” and close down anonymous accounts. 

According to sources, Twitter executives have been engaged with local entrepreneurs and government actors to see the possibility of opening its regional office in Addis Ababa. This is as the nation is facing a challenging year, with an expected national election that is certain to be controversial and accusations of lack of freedom of speech is being a concern.