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Tested and came out a proven unstoppable

Tested and came out a proven unstoppable

Many assumed the military operations in Tigray which brought the quick end of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) will hugely affect the telecom services among others. In fact, it was difficult to determine the outcomes of the law enforcement operation as information was limitedly coming out of the Tigray.

The blanketed blackout and cut of communication at first was blamed as the work of the federal government. By extension, ethio telecom was under the spot light. But that was just assumption. The total black out was the work of the out lawed TPLF leadership.

The whole world was blaming and mounting accusations against the government and leadership of Ethiopia. Characterizing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as undeserving laureate of peace to win the Nobel Prize, many wrote and voiced that the PM has cut communications in Tigray to stage atrocities.

It didn’t take long to windway such unfounded bigotry out of the air. Crucial evidence was presented to the public to unearth the evil works of TPLF. Firehiwot Tamru, CEO of ethio telecom in her recent briefing, has shown a CCTV footage that captured the instigators of TPLF forcefully entering major telecom facilities to inflict profound damages and cut communication systems disrupting entire system in Tigray.

That didn’t however deter and backslide the giant telecom operator. ethio telecom has brought services back to normal again. At times, it has been withstanding constant cyber attacks mounted from Tigray especially during the time of military confrontations. On daily basis, some 300 million cyber attack attempts have been mounted that could have potentially disrupt and inflict severe damages to the country.  

The dislodged TPLF group had failed to materialize on any of its repeated attempts to cause significant harm on ethio telecom. The evidence to that is that the company grew to continue to bag uncontested huge revenues. For instance, in the past six months, the telecom operator was able to generate 25.57 billion birr in revenues, a 95 percent achievement of the targets set for the period. During the same period, the state owned telecom operator has been able to receive USD 80 million. If it was not for the crisis in Tigray, ethio telecom could have achieved the targets it has set for the half current budget year, Firehiwot said.

The elapsing growth of the company has necessitated to swiftly expanding the authorized capital to an all time high of 400 billion birr.

Until now, the company was authorized to operate a 40 billion birr capital and the massively beefed up capital is an indicative of its drive to get ready for a fierce competition that is likely to happen with the coming of two potential private telecom operators to join the Ethiopian market.  

ethio telecom is about to witness the next testing times as it survived the most daunting challenge mounted from political crisis in the north part of the country. Currently, telecom services have resumed in the battled Tigray region.