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Solve IT nationwide innovative competition

Solve IT nationwide innovative competition

Solve IT 2020, a nationwide innovation competition, launched yesterday to address socioeconomic problems of young Ethiopians applying software, hardware applications and other technologies.

On the launch of the third innovative competitions, Spokesperson for U.S Embassy in Ethiopia, John Ice said that Solve IT 2020 will be promoted across 15 cities in Ethiopia and seeks to support the youth to develop innovative projects, promote entrepreneurship, and address local problems through applying various technologies.

He also said that young Ethiopian and leaders are the key to build prosper, inclusive and stable Ethiopia. Programs like Solve IT 2020 is a project the United States is going to empower and enhance the capacity of young Ethiopians and leaders of tomorrow in solving societal issues through utilizing emerging technologies.

Asfaw Abebe, Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority, Director General on his part said the youths need to take part in solving socioeconomic problems of the society using emerging technologies.

This year, more than 2500 business minded youths are already registered to participate in the competition. Bezawit Kassaye, Project Manager said that “The project aims to decentralize technology increasing the accessibility of technological products across the country.

Often the technology is found in the cities and is usually not affordable for the middle and lower classes. Hence, this competition is allowing for all social classes to have an opportunity to connect with the technology and make their lives easier.” Apart from decentralizing the technology, it creates jobs and several opportunities for the youth.

Solve IT 2020 will be implemented by iCog Labs, with sponsorship from US embassy, JICA Ethiopia, The Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Promotion Authority and Urban Job creation and Food Security Agency.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald