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A Rare Ethiopian-American Successful Political Story in Ruins, Police Pursue Charges

A Rare Ethiopian-American Successful Political Story in Ruins, Police Pursue Charges

The historic political ride of one-time Ethiopian refugee, Nevada State assemblyman – Alex Assefa – has come to a sudden end. A Democrat who was re-elected late last year as a state legislator was first elected in the State of Nevada two years ago.

He rendered his resignation after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department finished its conclusion, highlighting accusations of having the now-retired politician making a series of false statements, perjury, burglary among twenty charges.

Alexander, 38, moved to the United States in 2000 from Kenya, is known as a political arch-enemy of President Donald Trump, having mobilized support from Ethiopian-Americans against him and sent a pointed letter to the White House when the President sided with Egypt in its disagreement on the issue of the Renaissance Dam.

According to the Review-Journal, the local police has been investigating a link between a transaction made been his campaign and personal account and that of a company, he co-owns with his mother, as well as his false listing of an address to give the impression he is a residence of the area he represents, which by state law he is required to, which he said on his resignation as the reason of his resignation as he made a “mistake”.

As part of the investigation, his residence was raided last year and much of his belongings confiscated.

“I ran to represent this District out of a sincere belief that not only was it my place of residence, but that I was in a unique position to understand and address the needs of the constituents of the district, particularly the large Ethiopian community which resides there,” Assefa wrote in his resignation letter.