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The pain of social distancing

The pain of social distancing

Vulnerable and those with underlying health conditions,” Mirror added, “deaths of young and healthy people are now being reported daily”- referring to some cases that happened there.

Apart from individual cases, it is also true that the virus has been attacking nations indiscriminately. Militarily and economically strong nations, who were swift in sending aids to disaster affected areas, are now struggling themselves and rather looking for themselves.

The whole reality shows that all human beings, be it world leaders, military officers, billionaires or celebrities are all appear to have been prey for the virus.

Under such difficulties, reports coming out so far regarding developing countries appear to have been quite misleading. And several reasons could be cited for that.

In reaction to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Africa, when African Ministers of Finance held their first meeting online, 633 cases of the virus were confirmed, in 35 countries with 17 deaths. On its second meeting days later, the number had risen to 5,318 confirmed cases and 175 deaths across 46 countries.

The Ministers confirmed that appropriate measures were being put in place to mitigate the spread and negative effects of COVID-19. They emphasized that the priority was to save lives by continuing efforts to raise awareness, managing the social consequences of social distancing and lockdowns, focusing on the most vulnerable population groups.