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Huawei introduces new products

Huawei introduced a range of new products and a new operating system this week. The new products available to the global market include smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets powered by its new operating system Harmony OS2.

Komari Finally Premiers Its Long-Awaited Signature Drink

Komari Beverages Plc finally launched its new product within the capital this morning. Started with a capital of just over 12 million USD, the new product named Arada, a cocktail with three different flavors has been one of the most talked about products in the capital since the company’s trucks started roaming the city more than a year ago.

Madonna Purchases a Mansion Owned by The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye (AKA the Weeknd) has sold his mansion to artist Madonna for a sum of just under 20 million USD. This comes as the Ethiopian-Canadian artist is venturing into charitable gestures to complement his chart-topping musical journey.