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Meet Ruth B. - Another Ethiopian-Canadian Superstar in the Making

Meet Ruth B. - Another Ethiopian-Canadian Superstar in the Making

Ruth Berhe – an Ethiopian – Canadian artist known professionally as ‘Ruth B.’ is set to release her much anticipated LP and is on the verge of superstardom.

This is another Ethiopian - Canadian - The Weeknd – who has become one of the most successful Canadian artists is making headlines around the world, in music and charitable gestures. 

Described as “an artist who I believe in on the next career Rocketship” by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Ruth, 25 started her career in 2013, still in high school. However, her single ‘Lost Boys”, made her an instant household name, and ultimately a recipient of the Juno Awards, Canada’s version of the Grammys as a new artist.

Lost Boys has now been viewed almost 1 billion times and her YouTube channel has received over 300 million hits.

The artist did not take the conventional wisdom by heading to the United States. A YouTube generation artist, her covers of old classics released online helped garner her much attention and interest from the public.

Ruth has described the influence of Ethiopian music while growing up in Canada much like The Weekend. He has counted on the likes of Aster Aweke, for inspiring his music.

“Both my parents immigrated from Ethiopia to Edmonton about 30 years ago. Definitely a big part of my life growing up, they’re pretty adamant on making sure that my brother and I retained the culture. I grew up listening to a lot of Ethiopian music, that's definitely played its way into my songwriting”, she once told Flaunt magazine.