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"The price is mighty, the risk too much”

Situated in the baking heat of Samara, Afar, is a refugee camp that has welcomed thousands of former Ethiopian refugees from abroad. Ethiopia, beyond its troubling narrative of the displacment of its own populations in the millions, remains home to more than one million refugees from neighboring nations such as, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and now Yemen and Syria.

Abstracts in motion

Emotions hanging on a wall in a kaleidoscopic character embodying the artist’s narrative content roaring out to reach our insanity, comprehending the fragments of the dense truth, artists are the conscience of society, taking the first step in carrying the burdens of human uncertainty, providing technical resolution by weaving the subject matter into life with tools of color, rawness, passion and desire.

Disastrous Masks

The global health tragedy brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has grabbed headlines. Late in 2019, the virus was spotted in China’s seafood market in Wuhan city of Hubei province. It is believed that the virus was first transmitted from an infected animal, namely bats.