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Komari Finally Premiers Its Long-Awaited Signature Drink

Komari Finally Premiers Its Long-Awaited Signature Drink

Komari Beverages Plc finally launched its new product within the capital this morning. Started with a capital of just over 12 million USD, the new product named Arada, a cocktail with three different flavors has been one of the most talked about products in the capital since the company’s trucks started roaming the city more than a year ago.

The Arada brand is a 5 % sugar-free cocktail drink in apple, pineapple and lime flavors.  "We are a young start-up beverage manufacturer preparing to introduce new and exciting brands to the East African market”, the company declared last year, as it concluded the construction of its factory in the suburbs of Debre Berhan, in which it also plans to process whisky, rum and other alcoholic beverages.  In the Bole area, the beverage was on sale inside a youthful rundown lounge named Pyramid and selected outlets around Atlas Hotel.

Just after lunch, as her friends practiced live acoustic music, Helen Selesshi was one of the few to try the new product. A college student, she was excited to have an affordable cocktail drink as an option without, in her words, “breaking the bank”.

“Usually, my friends and I drink beer, as that is the only thing, we are able to afford. But such products, are welcome and we are willing to upgrade to such a cocktail drink, if it continues to be affordable to us, and if it remains within our budget and tastes good”, she giggled as her other friends admired the art on the bottle of Arada.

A beer drinker, transitioning in an affordable high-end drink, a bottle of Arada at the lounge cost her 50 Birr, which significantly cheaper that similar cocktails, but a bit more than a bottle of beer but something within her budget.

“I love it and it tastes great”, Helen added and she voice was taken over by one of her friends singing in the background. That is music to the ear of the Komari executives who were said to painstakingly try different taste in endless focus groups in order to come to what they teamed was the ideal local taste of the drink for Ethiopia.

When told about comment of Helen, an insider of the company appreciated the compliment, but was quick to reinforce the value of Arada. “I don’t compare it to beers. It is a cocktail in a bottle and 1/3 of the price of a cocktail”, he told Detail Ethiopia.