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Women in power

The ascension of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to the top government job as Prime Minister of Ethiopia has opened many doors, paving the way for a raft of women to assume key posts in his cabinet.

2012: The most influential Official

A talented marketer, Frehiwot Tamru is one of the very few influential female leaders within PM Abiy’s administration. She turned Ethio Telecom around a much significant state run enterprise right after she was appointed CEO almost two years ago. Once the highly indebted Ethio Telecom, now with it’s outstanding USD 3.1 billion loan from China EX-IM Bank, has not been black listed as a defaulter.

2012: Who was the most influential official?

Despite political upheavals coupled with natural hazards and the COVID-19 pandemic, certain government agencies have delivered commendable performances during the 2012 Ethiopian Year. While some have struggled to meet a certain set of targets, others have achieved projected milestones.

CNN Year-In-Pictures 2019

March 14: A relative of a victim from Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 throws dirt in her face as she mourns at the crash site near Bishoftu, Ethiopia. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 157 on board. Mulugeta Ayene/AP