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Finding Extraordinary Stories though his Lens 

Finding Extraordinary Stories though his Lens 

Adane Firde, 25 is an emerging photographer, now running his first exhibition of his unique everyday Ethiopian photographs inside blueMoon this week. It was opened last week with many people in attendance. Here, he reflects with Detail Ethiopia on his photography, the motivation behind them and his future as a photographer.

Tell me about yourself?

I am an entrepreneur and now a photographer based in the capital. This comes along with running a digital marketing firm that I started a year ago. As far as my photography is concerned, I have had a keen interest in virtual storytelling specifically in telling the stories of local entrepreneurs and businesses for a long time. That is what triggered me to try my hand at photography and here I am.

You are currently running an exhibition showcasing some of your iconic photographs.

Indeed. I am really excited about it. The exhibition is organized by Eleni Gebre-Medhin (PhD) and Yasser Bagersh. As you know, they are an inspired and great supporter of the art, as well as young(er) people who understand the meaning of mentorship. I am grateful. The exhibition is titled – Deconstructing Hope. The photos are an eclectic selection of photos exploring the themes of hope, strength, happiness and faith – some of the ideals that are important to me and to many people.

What is in the pipeline for you as a photographer?

As a photographer, I want to publish more of my work and find the exposure that an aspiring photographer needs. I want to explore more culture and tell more stories. I want to be able to connect people from all diversity and find the beauty within our differences. That is what makes me a photographer and motivates me to travel around the country looking for such stories to tell.