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Ethiopia to Benefit from an Online Education System

Ethiopia to Benefit from an Online Education System

Ethiopia becomes one of the three African countries that have an online system that enables teachers and students to interact online. Huawei with UNESCO launched the implementation of the Technology-Enabled Open Schools for All (TeOSS) project.  The project will enable the beneficiary countries build resilient education systems that can withstand global disruptions such as COVID-19, according to a statement from Huawei. 

The launch of the project was announced during an online meeting held on November 25 with the presence of beneficiary countries. Ghana, and Egypt are the other beneficiaries of the project. 

The project is expected to play a key role in ICT integration into teaching and learning and provide training for teachers and students in the use of digital tools. It will also establish online platforms to link school and home learning, and develop digital curricula that can be accessed remotely without supervision.

It is aimed to help students become confident digital citizens capable of navigating the virtual world independently and equip teachers with the skills required to use existing and new digital tools to maximize learning outcomes.

The project will also focus on ICT infrastructure build-out to connect pilot schools, train teachers and students, and build a Learning Management System integrated with a Teacher Training Platform.