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Gedu Andargachew

"Egypt must remain committed to the principle of equitable utilization pertaining to the dam" - Gedu Andargachew

Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew said Egypt should be committed to the principle of fair use concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Foreign Minister in his recent interviews with three international news outlets indicated that Ethiopia is committed to resolving disputes over the dam.

In an interview with China International Television (CGTN), he noted that a real dialogue is needed to bring Ethiopia back into Washington negotiations.

To do this, Egypt has to have a political commitment, and he said it should also be noted that the Nile is a watershed owned by the riparian countries.

He said Ethiopia has no intention of using the water alone, but recognizes that it has the right to use it responsibly.

It’s well known that The Arab League made a statement in support of Egypt's position. Commenting on that statement, Gedu said the following: "The Arab League should take this opportunity to play a positive role in establishing a good relationship between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East."

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Gedu said that Ethiopia is building the dam to increase its electricity supply and indirectly fight poverty.  

Gedu stated that Egypt, therefore, should stop wrong deeds concerning the dam, and be primed for a genuine negotiation.

Ethiopia plans to fill the dam in seven years, while Egypt wants the water to be filled in 12 to 21 years.

During his meeting with the American Media, Associated Press, Gedu reiterated that Ethiopia was asked to sign the agreement without addressing the major issues of the tripartite dialogue in the United States.

Ethiopia does not want to pressure anyone on the issue the dam, he said, adding that the three countries must resolve their differences without third-party intervention.

A hasty agreement would also not be beneficial to any party, Mr. Gedu concluded in his interview.

It is known that Ethiopia has not participated during the last tripartite meeting of Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt, where the United States has been an observer.

Following the absence of Ethiopia in the meeting, Egypt’s foreign minister has condemned Ethiopia’s absence, and stated that his country would take any action to protect its national interests.

According to Gedu’s words to the Associated Press, Ethiopia is currently preparing its own solution to resolve disputes over the dam and it will soon be presented to Egypt and Sudan.

The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is capable of generating 6.4 GW of electricity, has reached 71.59%, according to ENA.


Source: Walta