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The Competition-Winning Architecture of 2019

The Competition-Winning Architecture of 2019

While 2019 saw the completion of great works of architecture, it has also been a busy year for unbuilt designs. Whether this consists of imaginary visions intended to broaden horizons and innovations, or practical projects intended for construction, ArchDaily has published a wealth of unbuilt projects throughout the year that have been recognized and celebrated by juries, peers, and institutions.

As the year draws to a close, we look back at the top competition-winning architecture of 2019. From built competition-winning entries from the world’s leading firms, to student and young architect entries which imagine the architecture of the future, the list offers an insight into what the architecture world has in store for the next year, decade, or even century.


Built Competitions

Throughout the year, architecture offices around the world have been busy competing for the chance to realize their visions for public architecture. Responding to forces of finance, economy, practicality, climate, civics, and future needs, the projects listed below are derived from the best of our coverage throughout the year. From OMA’s masterplan for Milan, to Dorte Mandrup’s sensitive cultural building in Norway, the competition-winning schemes below give an indication of the architecture we will see in the coming years.


Ideas Competitions

In contrast to built competitions, where the goal of realization and construction guides submissions, ideas competitions are free to dream, experiment, and critically reflect on the future trajectory of the built environment, and the potential of architecture and design to extend beyond the traditional design of a medium-sized building. A successful ideas competition entry is a skill in itself, as Competitions.Archi reflected on in their Anatomy of a Winning Entry article that we published earlier this year, also included in their own annual review of ideas competitions. Below, we showcase the most innovative competition-winning schemes published on ArchDaily this year, from skyscrapers and future cities to teamaker guest houses and recycled plastic schools.


Source: arch daily