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Canal+ purchases KANA TV

Canal+ purchases KANA TV

Sources have confirmed to detail ethiopia, that French owned Canal+ has bought one of Ethiopia’s most successful and controversial TV stations, KANA, for an undisclosed sum of money. This is as it prepares to enter the competitive Ethiopian market due to be operational in a month.

Last year, Eutelsat Communications, a local entity and Canal+ signed a contract to launch a premium DTH platform, coming in direct competition with DStv. The South African owned company has had a long footing in the Ethiopian market and is to launch a new station – Abol TV to be an array of local production of soap.

Canal+ started in 1984, is now operational in 25 countries, is set to offer 50 premium channels and is to revamp KANA and is currently hiring new talents and has moved from its temporary headquarters inside Hyatt Regency Hotel in the capital to a new building.

The two multinationals came in direct competition for the right to broadcast the Ethiopian Premier League last year. MultiChoice, owner of DSTV won a bid to pay 13.5 million USD for a five-year term while Canal+ offered 7 million USD propelling the French company to look for other opportunities to invest in to have a footing in the local market.

KANA TV found instant popularity when it began broadcasting in 2016 with dubbed soaps from Turkey, South Korea and others. Owned by Afghanistan owned company, Moby Media Group, with investment from ultra-conservative Australian ruthless entrepreneur, Robert Murdoch, it maintained its popularity throughout competing with the likes of EBS.

It has evolved since its founding, adding local news segments, documentaries and a hit show hosted by its popular signature host, Danayit Mekbib.