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Another Ethiopian-American to take center stage in Biden’s Administration

Another Ethiopian-American to take center stage in Biden’s Administration

Addisu Demissie, one of the most influential and successful campaign managers is being considered for an influential appointment in the incoming Joe Biden administration. While the position has not been identified, this is expected to be a historic appointment. 

 The Obama alumni has seen his stardom grow since last summer after he was appointed as a senior advisor, put in place to coordinate the successful execution of the Democratic convention that anointed Biden as the Democratic candidate.

 This came after Addis managed the unsuccessful presidential campaign of Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey who saw its support dwindle in midst of lack of funds and transitioned to the eventual victor. The Yale graduate also managed the campaign of California Governor, Gavin Newsom and was a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign alumni of 2008 and 2016.

 Addisu was born in the border city of Windsor in Canada and is half Ethiopian and half black American and started his career working for the failed presidential campaign of John Kerry in 2004.

 The expected appointment comes on the heels of a milestone appointment of another Ethiopian-American, Yohannes Abraham, who was appointed as a White House Security Council Member, as well as incoming Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary with the White House Security Council.

 Biden, a once conservative, now moderate who is endorsing progressive policies including the end of the death penalty as well as reforms on issue of immigration and on refuges is expected to take office next week, bringing with him the most diverse government cabinet members in the history of the United States as well as a diverse  support staff.