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Abstracts in motion

Abstracts in motion

Emotions hanging on a wall in a kaleidoscopic character embodying the artist’s narrative content roaring out to reach our insanity, comprehending the fragments of the dense truth, artists are the conscience of society, taking the first step in carrying the burdens of human uncertainty, providing technical resolution by weaving the subject matter into life with tools of color, rawness, passion and desire. Art has a huge roll in understanding the human condition in a gentle and yet tortured representation by extracting the probabilities of isolation from the ordinary world to bridge it with the sentimental realm.

A group art exhibition offering a gracious combination of culture, color and creativity was organized by YAA, an upcoming art gallery located in the premises of Best Western Hotel. Hanging on both sides of the wall, the paintings scream loud in precise alteration to capture the soul of the viewer. And in a medley of nature, cultural and humane theme, they impart a sense of empathy while gazing at them.

The silent but trembling themed art exhibition is inspired by one of the artists, organizer and founder of YAA Art Gallery Abiy Eshete, creating a platform for freelance artist to showcase their work for audiences. The gallery is currently working with 16 artists. Abiy’s work mainly focuses on collage art, integrating photography and painting on an elongated canvas to depict the dramatic cultural aspect of our society in vibrant colors.

Solomon Haile and Abraham Abebe take us in a journey that fills our heart with jubilation in contrast with a self-portrait and a state of isolation in a dialogue with ourselves. Dimetros Kidane’s paintings evoke unease within us, intimating the socio-economic order of our lifestyle with humble and indistinct shades. The exhibition also features the works of five more artists including paintings of portraits and abstracts mirroring the lifestyles of ordinary people.

“Although the exhibition was a success, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from putting a show. So we kept it simple to avoid the gathering of a crowd. But with better times we’ve plans to at least organize art exhibitions three times a year with bigger crowds and more artists showing their artworks,” says Abiy Eshete.

One of the factors that makes the exhibition refreshing and exciting is the collaboration of different artist coming from different background reflecting their own philosophies, views and understandings as well as putting a show which exhorts the public to ponder about our lifestyle, manner of seeing the world in the eyes of the artist.

In his creation the artist plays a heroic character demonstrating both his strength and weakness punctuated with irrationality in order to grant himself the freedom of extracting his true self from the illusions of his surroundings. In understanding the crafts of an artist, it takes a deeper effort to perceive ourselves, articulate the upbringings and conditions of our confined environment, and contemplate our state of being. It holds bigger value in addressing important matters of our social construct and placing anecdote in the chaos with ambiguity to investigate the truth we struggle to comprehend. And yet we all are artists in heart, connecting with the pieces of works of strangers on a wall.

In the grand scheme of things we all portray similar emotions, looking through different windows of life and still looking at the same truth. The artist happens to be adept at universal language with technical expertise to communicate.

YAA Art Gallery is destined to be a place where young artists come and share their work, experience, outlook and potential with liberty and passion.