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2012: The most influential Official

2012: The most influential Official

Frehiwot Tamru

A talented marketer, Frehiwot Tamru is one of the very few influential female leaders within PM Abiy’s administration. She turned Ethio Telecom around a much significant state run enterprise right after she was appointed CEO almost two years ago. Once the highly indebted Ethio Telecom, now with it’s outstanding USD 3.1 billion loan from China EX-IM Bank, has not been black listed as a defaulter. In fact, Ethio Telecom has been able to pay more than half a billion dollars in two years time.

Frehiwot used to be deputy CEO of the company during the previous administration until she was forced to leave her post and to remain as ordinary board member. She launched her own company and was running it actively until the PM has appointed her to lead Ethio Telecom.

Within two years of her leadership, Ethio Telecom has seen numerous changes. The most reserved once include rigorous service tariff and price cuts. Up to 75 percent reduction on prices of mobile voice and data services was one of the remarkable move she made last year. This year as well, some 35 percent cut in the prices of major mobile services has been applied giving the company more access in the market.

Currently, the government is finalizing the liberalization process and invite two more dominant telecom service providers to join the Ethiopian market. For her role in making changes and influences, she has been recognized as this year’s “Bego Sew”, annual award given to individuals recognized as contributors of change and altruistic characters.